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ankle surgery

Ankle Surgery

Ankle Arthroscopy

ankle arthroscopy

Ankle arthroscopy allow a minimally invasive method to visualize the ankle joint as well as perform a large number of treatments. It is most often used for the debridement or repair of cartilage defects.

Ankle Arthrodesis

Ankle Arthrodesis/Fusion

Arthrodesis or Fusion of the ankle joint is an operation where the ankle joint is removed and made stiff. It is often required for severe arthritis of the ankle joint that may have previously been damaged by trauma. Although ankle replacement surgery is becoming more popular, the longevity of the replacements are still very limited making them more suitable for lower demand patients. Arthrodesis remains the gold standard with good outcomes and minimal loss in function. Severe bone loss and deformities may require the use of external fixation and limb reconstruction techniques to perform ankle arthrodesis. All the different techniques of arthrodesis areis offered in our practice and applied according to requirement of the individual pathology.