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Knee Surgery

Knee Arthroscopy

This is a minimally invasive procedure, where a camera is used to look inside the knee and to treat certain knee conditions like meniscus (cartilage) tears. Two small (5mm) incisions are made on either side, just below the patella (knee-cap). A camera is inserted through the one incision and an instrument through the other. The surgeon then uses the camera to examine the knee joint on the inside. Should a treatable condition like a meniscus tear be diagnosed, this can be treated using the instrument introduced through the other incision. Common reasons (indications) to perform this procedure are meniscus (cartilage) tears, osteo-arthritis, plicas (extra soft-tissue folds) in the knee and the like. The patient is normally admitted on the morning of surgery. The surgery takes about an hour.

Knee Ligament Reconstruction

Ligament injuries of the knee is very common ins orthopaedic trauma and sports injuries. Multiple options exists to reconstruct the knee ligaments depending on the exact requirements. Please visit for more information of specific ligament injuries

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee arthritis is a common cause for knee pain and stiffness. This can be the result of previous trauma or purely age related arthritis. This can lead to severe limitation in mobilityzation as well as chronic pain. Total knee replacement surgery can benefit these patients to minimize permanent pain and discomfort

Further info:

Malalignment around the knee leads to an increased risk of knee arthritis and eventually knee replacement surgery. Many of these malalignments can be corrected at an earlier age with high tibia osteotomies to attempt to prevent knee problems later in life.