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Shoulder surgery

Shoulder Surgery


Arthroscopic surgery
  • The shoulder joint is surrounded by multiple large muscles making it difficult to access the joint for procedures without damage to the surrounding muscle. This leads to prolonged healing periods following open surgery. Arthroscopic surgery allows the entire joint to be visualized and multiple treatment procedures can be carried out in an minimally invasive fashion
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  • Shoulder impingement syndrome is a condition where excessive inflammation of the muscles surrounding the shoulder lead to severe pain and loss of shoulder function. This can be treated conservatively with infiltration but may require surgical decompression in which scar tissue is removed to allow the muscles to function more freely. This surgery can be performed arthroscopically.
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Rotator Cuff Repair

Rotator Cuff Repair
  • The rotator cuff muscles surround the humeral head in the shoulder to allow for rotation as well as lifting of the arm. Multiple reasons can cause these muscles to tear causing severe pain as well as loss of function. The muscle can be repaired either in an arthroscopic or open fashion.
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Instability Treatment

shoulder instability treatment
  • Chronic shoulder instability can be treated with arthroscopic of open procedures to produce stability and allow return to function. The treatment method have to be individualized according to every patient’s pathology
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Replacement Surgery

  • Arthritis of the shoulder joint may lead to pain and stiffness. This can often be corrected by a range of shoulder arthroplasty solutions.
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